Why we’ll always be cruelty-free

At Kind Natured we are all about kindness and wouldn’t dream of hurting a fly. We are passionate about being kind to ourselves, others and of course, animals.

We believe in treating animals with humanity and love, so none of our products are tested on animals and all of the ingredients used in our products are 97% natural.

We’ve made testing personal

Instead of testing on Easter Bunnies, we test all of our products on friends, family and even ourselves (it’s a tough job!). Once we are completely happy with the products, we send them to be independently safety assessed, resulting in products which are natural, ethical and make you feel absolutely beautiful.

Going cruelty-free

Looking for cruelty-free products in store and online couldn’t be easier. Just look out for the ‘leaping bunny’ logo or look at the back of products to see if it is clearly stated they are cruelty-free. All of our Kind Natured products are cruelty-free and Vegetarian friendly. Our lipcare range includes beeswax, but the rest of our products are Vegan friendly too. Our love of animals and Be Kind ethos is ingrained in everything we represent here at Kind Natured, and we’ll always create products which give you a guilt-free conscious and make you feel amazing.

Thinking of going Vegan?

Check out our blog on ‘The Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beauty’ to help give you some more information and advice on using vegan products in your everyday life.

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