Why use natural products on coloured hair?

Many standard hair dyes are filled with strong chemicals to transform your natural hair to all the colours of the rainbow, which can be harmful and cause potentially irreversible damage to your hair.

But, if you don’t want to try using a natural hair dye, you can still use natural hair care products to help maintain the colour of your new do, and leave it looking vibrant until your colour top-up. But how does it work?

New to natural?

If you’re new to using natural hair care products, then there is a ‘getting to know you’ stage, which is the transition from hair relying on sulphates, to working with the natural fibres within your hair (if you’re a naturals hair care pro, move onto the next step!).

Known as ‘low poo’ shampoo, it basically means no sulphates or silicones are present in the product. For example, sulphates strip the hair of natural moisture and create an artificial barrier around your hair strands, which can inhibit colour absorption. So a move to eliminate these from your hair care routine will help to keep your hair in good health. Using a ‘low poo’ shampoo will ensure the product is working with your natural fibres and moisture, not against it.

Get to the root

As the first stage to start showing some decolouring, we recommend focusing on your roots for both your shampoo and conditioner. Firstly, massage your natural shampoo gently into wet hair, to create a ‘low poo’ version of lather and then rinse thoroughly.

After this, get your natural conditioner and work a generous amount from roots to ends. To really intensify the ingredients used in your conditioner, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly. Once fully dried, you’ll truly see the benefit of going natural.

Go for ingredients

Not only does the fragrance in a natural hair care product leave your hair smelling amazing, but it also means the combination of ingredients should help to leave hair looking and feeling beautiful.

When you go natural, plant fibres replace artificial nasties, so you know each ingredient included within the product is to help hair, instead of just smelling nice. An ingredient such as Coconut is perfect for coloured hair for example, as it’s one of the most nourishing ingredients you can use.

Go colour-specific

Just as you would with a non-natural shampoo or conditioner, choose a range which specifically targets coloured care, and if they include ingredients which help to nourish and moisturise, then that’s just a bonus!

We have carefully created our Colour Care Coconut & Shea Shampoo & Conditioner, which combines colour-enhancing Rooibos with nourishing botanicals to keep colour-tested hair vibrant and protected. Vitamin-rich Coconut helps to lock in moisture and prevent fading, whilst hydrating Shea deeply replenishes hair weakened by colouring. Locks are left feeling stronger, soft and smelling good enough to eat.

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