What’s the deal with Low Poo Shampoo?

No we didn’t suffer an autocorrect fail, low poo is a thing and it’s taken the world of natural beauty by storm. Low poo refers to shampoo that contains no sulphates or silicones.

No Sulphates

Sulphates (often labelled as Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS) are the ingredients in shampoo that provide lather and bubbles – remove the sulphates and you get a low foaming shampoo. Although we may love that feeling of a mountain of bubbles on our head, it’s time to convert. Sulphates strip the hair of natural moisture, so a move to eliminate these from your haircare routine will help to keep your hair in good health.

No Silicones

Similarly silicones are also considered one of the bad guys. They’re a bit deceiving because whilst they can help to add shine to your hair and make it look healthy, it’s just a temporary illusion. They work by coating the hair to make it appear silky and smooth, but they are tricky to wash out, so when the chemical builds up over time it smothers your beautiful locks leaving them dull and a bit lacklustre. You can spot a silicone containing shampoo by looking out for ingredients ending in ‘one’.

Converting to Low Poo

Stick with it – your hair might take a couple of weeks of washes to get used to a gentler and natural shampoo. It’s a bit like going through a hair detox. Think about it being similar to a food detox where people often experience a period of side effects whilst toxins are expelled from the body. If you find you keep getting greasy hair it’s worth making sure you are using the right shampoo for your hair type:

Coloured hair = Kind Natured Colour Care range

Curly hair = Kind Natured Love Curls range

Coarse/Damaged hair = Kind Natured Nourishing range

Frizzy/Unruly hair = Kind Natured Super Shine range

Remember, bubbles are just some unnecessary sulphate-based trickery so don’t expect the same level of lather as your existing shampoo. There’s no need to use more product to compensate for the lack of bubbles, we promise your hair is being cleaned even without them!

Use small motions with your fingers to help loosen dirt. Don’t overdo it – washing your hair every other day is more than enough.

We wish you all the best on your low-poo journey! Shop our haircare range here.

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