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The Curvaceous Vegan’s Guest Post: Getting Super Soft Skin with Kind Natured

Now I’ve always had the worst dry skin known to man, when it’s too hot my skin gets ridiculously dry and when it’s ridiculously cold, yep you know what I’m going to say my skin gets flaky, it feels rough, it doesn’t feel great. So over the last few weeks I’ve been trialling the Kind Natured Shea and Macadamia set, which includes an amazing body lotion and a creamy body scrub to get your skin into the best condition possible. So how did I get on with this set? Did I notice a difference?

This body scrub is the first step, now I’ve always been incredibly cautious with body scrubs because some scrubs can be very intense on the skin, this one however was so gentle yet super cleansing on the skin.

So what do you need to know about the product? Well it is a very thick consistency, it actually feels like a yoghurt consistency on the skin with crushed olive seeds to remove the dead skin. On first application I was like oh my gosh it feels incredible on the skin, it felt soft and even when I started to scrub it into the skin, it didn’t feel uncomfortable or rough, actually incredibly gentle on the skin! It’s also really good if you’re like me and have super sensitive skin, then this will be really nice on the skin for you!

Body lotions have always been a difficult for me, because I really struggle with eczema, however this is one of the one has been one of the easiest to use on my skin.

It is a thick consistency but not so thick that you feel like it will block your pores. Now one thing I really appreciate about this lotion is the fact that is absorbs so quickly into the skin and doesn’t leave you with a sticky residue.

Like the body scrub it smells absolutely incredible, it is so sweet and the scent just stays with you throughout the day!

The results that I got from this though were some of the best I’ve ever had, my arms can be super sore because of how dry my arms can be but after using this for 4 weeks, my arms are so smooth, even the texture has changed.

Onto pricing now each of these are £5.99 and do you know what, I 100% will be purchasing them again, they last so well, they feel so good on the skin and they’re some of the most affordable products that leave your skin looking and feeling it’s best!

This is literally the perfect combination for your skin especially if you’re like me and you’re a super dry person, this will give your arms the moisture it needs to make the comfortable and look and feel beyond incredible. This set has given me the confidence with my skin, with my arms and not having to worry about how dry my arms are or if they look sore!

You can buy yours right now in Boots so if you’re in there, go and check out this range and their other ranges, you won’t regret it!

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