The Beginners Guide to Natural Hair Care

If you’re ready to embark on your natural hair care journey, we’ve written some top-tips on what to expect when making the transition, so you know exactly how to get the most from your new hair care products.

‘Low Poo’ Shampoo

Yes, you did read that correctly. ‘Low Poo’ shampoo is basically a term used to describe shampoo which doesn’t contain Sulphate or Silicone. Sulphates (often labelled as Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS) are basically the ingredients in shampoo that provide lather and bubbles. Remove the sulphates and you get a low foaming shampoo (hence the name!)

Even though we do love the bubbles, it doesn’t bring much to the table other than an optical illusion that it’s helping clean your hair. Sulphates actually strip the hair of natural moisture, so a move to eliminate these from your hair care routine will help to keep your hair in good health.

Double wash

Natural hair care products don’t include strong chemicals such as Parabens, Petrochemicals, Silicones or Sulphates. If you’ve been using non-natural hair products for a while, your hair follicles will have become dependent on them, instead of relying on the natural moisture contained in hair follicles.

For the first two weeks of your natural hair care transition, we would recommend double-washing hair with ‘low poo’ shampoo, as this will help support hair whilst it’s going through some side-effects of non-chemical-based shampoo. Soon, your hair will be back to its old self, working with natural hair care products which will allow the natural hair follicles to clean and nourish hair.

Root-to-tip condition

As with ‘low poo’ shampoo, natural conditioner also changes the consistency compared to non-natural alternatives – an adjustment in your hair care routine will therefore need to happen. Traditionally, it’s recommended to only condition the ends of your hair, but with natural conditioners, we recommend conditioning from root to tip, helping to support the ‘low poo’ shampoo and keep hair nourished.

After shampooing hair, just work a generous amount of conditioner from roots to ends and leave on for roughly 5 minutes. That way you’re giving your hair some nourishing treatment with some natural goodness.

Change your regime

The transition to natural hair care products is a great time to get to know your hair again, re-evaluate its needs and what type of products to give it. Your hair is changing, so your regime should be too! There are endless choices of natural hair care products which suit specific needs, so you may have been using a nourishing product for a few years, but actually what you now need is a volumising shampoo & conditioner.

Be patient

Your hair will definitely feel different in the initial transition stage and it’s something which we get asked about a lot at Kind Natured. Your hair might take a few weeks of washing to get used to natural hair products, but it’s a bit like going through a food detox. Sometimes people experience side effects due to the change in what they’re giving their body, whilst the toxins are being expelled.

If you find you keep getting greasy hair, it’s worth making sure you are using the right products for your hair type. Head over to the Kind Natured Shop Page and take a look at our natural hair care range, which should be able to help you in choosing the right range for your hair type.

Good luck and have fun!

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