Scrub up for Summer

Wave goodbye to keeping your skin hidden and slough away dead skin cells with our two invigorating and exfoliating scrubs.

At Kind Natured, we believe in keeping it natural; delivering on both packaging and performance. Our feel-good formulations stick to a carefully edited list of non-toxic, eco-friendly and thoughtfully selected plant extracts to deliver a therapeutic pampering experience – guilt-free. Our scrubs are vegan and vegetarian friendly, 97% natural and sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free – so you can prep for summer without worrying about the environment.

Five Reasons to love a body scrub

1. If you like to look bronzed before you hit the beach with a little help of fake tan then use a scrub the day before to remove dry, flaky and dead skin cells. Fail to do this and you could end up with streaks and dark patches – not a good look!

2. Rubbing in a body scrub boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface and leaving you feeling revived.

3. Both our scrubs feature the most beautiful and exotic fragrances that will leave your nose happy all day long.

4. Practicing mindfulness can help to lift your mood and give you a positive outlook. Being mindful of the nourishing texture against your skin and enriching scent that fills the shower allows you to enjoy the treatment as it’s happening.

5. Say goodbye to ingrown hairs! A scrub helps to unclog pores and it also makes hair removal a lot easier by softening the hairs prior to the shave.

Choose your scrub

Moisturising Coconut & Monoi Foaming Sugar Scrub
Lessen the layers with this blend of natural sugar crystals with decadent Coconut, Shea and Monoi to gently slough away dead skin, revealing brighter, softer skin. This hero scrub is perfect for daily use and leaves the body delicately scented just in time for spring.


Deeply Nourishing Shea & Macadamia Creamy Body Scrub
Make lacklustre skin irresistible with this rich exfoliant, packed with crushed Olive Seeds to renew even the driest of bodies. A hero of the collection, this scrub keeps skin deliciously smooth as you step into spring.


Priced at £4.99 each, available from selected Boots stores nationwide or right here!

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