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New Year Resolutions? Four easy beauty habits

If you’re looking to start the New year with some better habits, we have four resolutions that are so easy to start! That’s right, now is the perfect time to switch to natural products free from questionable ingredients and embrace using products that are made in the UK.

In this blog post we’ll dive a little deeper into the four key beauty faux pas you can drop instantly and introduce a new set of rules to take into 2018.

No Parabens.

So what are Parabens?

Parabens are chemicals which are used in products as preservatives to ensure they have a long shelf life. They may come in the form of butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben or propylparaben.

Why do Parabens have such a bad reputation?

Parabens initially received negative press after a 2004 study linked Parabens to breast cancer but this isn’t the main reason why we recommend not using them.

Why should I stop using products with parabens?

Simply put, they are an ingredient which is easy to avoid so why use an unnecessary chemical? If you have sensitive skin or experience any kind of skin irritation, using as few ingredients as possible is key. Parabens aren’t necessary & have never been easier to go without.

No Sulphates.

What are sulphates?

Sulphates (often labelled as Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS) are the ingredients in shampoo or shower gel that provide lather and bubbles. If you remove these sulphates, you get a low foaming shower gel or shampoo, also known as ‘low-poo shampoo‘.

Why should I stop using sulphates?

Sulphates are an ingredient included to solely help create a lather so that it feels like you’re getting more product or that the product is doing abetter job at cleaning. In reality, sulphates strip the hair & skin of natural moisture. They are also a well-known trigger for those with sensitive skin so cut them out! If you’re thinking of making the switch to low-poo haircare, read our blog all about this process.

No Petrochemicals.

What are petrochemicals?

Petrochemicals are simply chemicals that are derived from petrol. They are surprisingly common in beauty products and often go by the names of propylene, ethylene, benzene or xylene. Despite their widespread inclusion in formulations, they often trigger reactions when used on sensitive skin.

Why should you stop using Petrochemicals?

You’ll be starting to notice a theme by now – if an ingredient isn’t absolutely necessary why use it? Especially if it’s derived from petrol. There are so many alternative, less irritating, substitutes on the market.

No Animal Testing

Animal testing was banned in the UK in 1998 and across the E.U in 2013 but many brands still sell in countries where animal testing is required by law. We never have & never will test on animals and are very proud of our cruelty-free ethos.


So there you have four easy habits to start embracing in 2018! What other changes are you making for this year?

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