Keep your feet healthy

Our poor feet bear the brunt for all of our heavy-duty activities. Running, walking, tights, stiletto heels – the lot. And we tend to not give them the love and nourishment they need or deserve.

We’ve created some top-tips to ensure you keep your feet as healthy as possible, especially in time for those summer months.

Keep shoes clean and dry

After the treacherous winter we’ve had, our shoes have worked a little harder to keep feet dry and sheltered. This wear and tear can have an effect on your feet, especially if you wear shoes which are damp or not 100% waterproof.

Athletes foot isn’t just for athletes, and it festers in conditions which are warm and moist, attacking the toes, sides and soles of feet. To prevent your feet from infection, just keep feet clean and dry as much as possible. Shoes which are made from leather and canvas and heavy duty socks can help. Also, always let your shoes fully dry out before wearing again. If this means investing in another pair – it might be worth the expense!

Try to prevent blisters

Blisters can be extremely uncomfortable and painful, especially if untreated or you don’t have some emergency plasters with you. Caused by continuous friction, you tend to get blisters on the back of your heel and toes. Wearing sensible and comfortable shoes is of course the main way to prevent them.

But if you do wear flip-flops on a long summer trek and get some blisters, make sure you cover them up with a sterile gauze pad or plaster straight away and leave them to heal on their own. If they are large blisters, speak to your pharmacist about the best ways of puncturing it yourself, to avoid the risk of infection as much as possible.

Scrub away excess skin

Overworked feet can feel sore and claustrophobic when helping you get from A to B. Giving them a good scrub can help to remove dry, dead skin and leave feet feeling renewed, clean and incredibly pampered. The natural extracts and oils in our Sea Minerals & Mint Foot Scrub have been designed to smooth overworked feet to leave them feeling awakened, refreshed and renewed.

To use, just wet feet then massage the scrub using circular movements into your feet, heel, sole and toes. Rinse off with warm water and dry thoroughly.

Don’t let feet dry out

Thoroughly washing feet is great to keep them hydrated and nourished. But if you’re suffering with dry or sensitive skin, keep feet moisturised with our Sea Minerals & Mint or Coconut & Shea Foot Cream. Both are designed for dehydrated skin needing some serious TLC.

Our nourishing cocktail of either Sea Minerals, Grapeseed and Sweet Almond or Coconut Oil, Exotic Shea, Mango and Cocoa Butters can moisturise even the driest of feet.

Just squeeze into hands and massage liberally until absorbed into clean, dry feet, paying particular attention to heels and calluses.

Keeping feet healthy will help reduce any uncomfortableness you’re suffering with and prevent any problems which could occur in the future if you don’t take care of them.

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