Have you seen the new design for our nourishing range?

As you may have seen, Kind Natured has a dazzling new look – and this includes a spruce up for our nourishing hair care range.

Previously Ylang Ylang & Sage, we’ve renamed our deeply nourishing range with the top moisturising ingredients included within the formulation – Jojoba & Avocado.

Using the best of nature, the nourishing hair care range leaves even the unhappiest of hair feeling sumptuously soft!

Read on to find out more about our Deeply Nourishing Jojoba & Avocado Shampoo & Conditioner and whether it’s the right natural hair care regime for you.


The nourishing shampoo and conditioner contains the finest Jojoba & Avocado extracts we could source, to replenish and condition hair from root to tip.

With the same great formulation and ingredients, the nourishing range contains the same products you know and love, just with a new look. For example, Ylang Ylang & Sage are still included within the formulation, to stimulate hair for the perfect blend of ingredients for super soft locks.


We decided to make Jojoba & Avocado the top ingredients with our new packaging due to their moisturising qualities.

Not only is it great for your insides, but avocado contains high nourishing benefits for hair, helping to keep it hydrated and moisturised for longer. Rich in fatty amino acids, these coat your hair in goodness to help remain its moisture. The natural oils in avocado provides hair with long-lasting deep hydration.

Jojoba has a great oily composition, so is the perfect ingredient to be used as a moisturiser. Rich in minerals and vitamins such as Vitamin C, B, E, Copper and Zinc, these help to nourish hair and keep it healthy. The natural oils in Jojoba also leaves hair stronger, as it helps to defend hair against breakage, dryness and split ends.


As with all natural hair care products and low-poo shampoos, there’s a specific technique to follow when using these goodies, to ensure you’re getting the very best of your products.

The same as you would with the old design, firstly massage a generous amount of the nourishing shampoo onto wet hair for a full minute. Lather, rinse thoroughly and then repeat the process again.

Once this is done, squeeze out the excess water from your hair and apply the nourishing conditioner to hair, concentrating on mid-lengths to ends. Leave for a couple of minutes before rinsing thoroughly.


As always, you can buy both products through our website, as well as in larger UK Boots Stores.

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