Why you should consider natural products for your children

Washing your children’s hair can sometimes feel like a stressful and dreaded experience, with tears and tantrums dominating bath time.

But have you ever thought about what exactly you’re washing your children’s hair with? There seems to be an endless list of societal parenting rules and guides to abide by and, even though we don’t want to add to your list, it could be worth considering using natural hair products to wash your children’s hair with.

What is a ‘natural’ hair product?

For a haircare product to be natural it cannot include harmful chemicals such as, sulphate, paraben and petrochemicals. Natural hair products are easily accessible and include no-nasty and unnecessary ingredients, which can be damaging to young and delicate skin.

What are these chemicals?

Parabens are used in products as preservatives to ensure they have a long shelf life. They may come in the form of butylparaben, ethylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben or propylparaben.

If your child has sensitive skin or experiences any kind of skin irritation, using as few ingredients as possible is key. Parabens aren’t necessary and it has never been easier to go without.

Sulphates (often labelled as Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS) are the ingredients that provide lather and bubbles. If you remove these sulphates, you get a low foaming shampoo, also known as ‘low-poo shampoo‘.

Sulphates solely help create a lather, so that it feels like you’re getting more product or that the product is doing a better job at cleaning. In reality, sulphates strip the hair & skin of natural moisture. They are also a well-known trigger for those with sensitive skin.

Petrochemicals are simply chemicals that are derived from petrol. They’re surprisingly common in beauty products and often go by the names of propylene, ethylene, benzene, or xylene. People tend to concentrate on finding shampoo without paraben and sulphates, not realising petrochemical is also an ingredient to be wary of.

Despite their widespread inclusion in formulations, they often trigger reactions when used on sensitive and delicate skin.

Why do we use them?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, as none of these chemicals are necessary for the hair product. They simply don’t need to be used, but can have damaging side effects, such as triggering eczema.

We can’t promise making this change will make bath times stress-free, but at least it will be guilt-free, as you’re using natural products on your children’s sensitive skin which will hopefully give you some peace of mind!

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