Benefits of using natural body lotions

I know we’re slightly bias, but using natural products can genuinely help give your skin the TLC it needs. From solving skin irritations to working with your skin to help keep it hydrated and nourished.

We’ve listed 4 benefits of using natural body lotions and why you should consider adding them to your daily skin care routine.

Kind to sensitive skin

The plant fibres used within natural products means you’re not lathering up in chemicals, which can potentially be harmful to skin. Skin can see chemicals as foreign agents, which is what causes a reaction or irritation with your skin. With a natural body lotion, instead, you’re working with your body’s natural fibres to moisturise and hydrate skin.

Reveal softer skin

We tend to give more TLC to our facial regime and neglecting the rest of our body. It may be more resilient, but it also has to fight the daily battles of friction against clothes and exposure to the weather. Using a natural body lotion which is made up of rich creamy butters will eliminate any signs of chapped or dry skin, leaving it replenished and hydrated.

They smell amazing!

Due to the natural scents used within sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free body lotions, the products are filled with beautiful fragrances. This will leave your body’s biggest organ looking, feeling and smelling absolutely beautiful.

Long-lasting effects

As natural products contain many natural components, it also includes nutrients and skin-loving ingredients to help your skin, resulting in longer-lasting results. Using natural products will work alongside your skin to help boost its natural heeling process, resulting in the enhancement of skins overall needs.

At Kind Natured, our Shea & Macadamia Body Lotion and Coconut and Monoi Body Lotion have been created using the best of natural, to provide you with products which are kind to skin and help reveal beautiful and replenished skin.

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