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3 Summer Lip Care Tips

It’s important to give our bodies a little extra love from head-to-toe throughout the warmer months, to help them battle against the hot climbs, added humidity and chlorine-filled swimming pools.

Lip care sometimes gets neglected and pushed to the bottom of the importance pile when it comes to skin maintenance. Thankfully, we’ve listed 3 simple and easy summer lip care tips to ensure you give them some added TLC all summer-long.


Just like our skin, lips have dead skin cells which build up on the surface and need to be scrubbed away for a new layer to form. Finding a lip exfoliator, or making your own natural scrub, is an easy way to help keep your lips nourished and refreshed throughout the summer.

Just like your facial and body scrub routine, you only need to do this once or twice a week. Just apply the scrub to your lips, gently rub, leave on for up to 10 minutes, and then wash away with warm water. The result? A silky-smooth, perfect-pout.


Protecting skin from the sun is crucial all year-round, but it definitely cannot be ignored during the summer months. It’s important to find the right SPF for your entire body.

Compared to the rest of the body, the lips don’t include any Melanin, which is the pigment which gives hair, skin and eyes their colour. This makes them more vulnerable to sun exposure.

Our advice? Find yourself a natural SPF lip care treat, which will protect your lips against UV ray exposure; even if you’re wearing lipstick, use SPF factor as a base layer and re-apply every two hours for continued protection throughout the day.


Everyone has experienced dry lips, and in some cases, the flaky skin can make you feel self-conscious and is extremely difficult to coverage up. Finding a moisturiser to keep lips nourished during the summer is crucial to ensure they stay in tip-top condition and prevent them from drying out and suffering due to the warmer weather.

Our Soothing Fresh Mint Lip Balm is the perfect base coat and hand bag essential to keep lips moisturised throughout the summer months.

To prevent them from feeling sore and dry, our mint balm deeply nourishes and relieves struggling lips. The fresh mint helps to calm any soreness, while the added shea butter intensely nourishes, leaving lips feeling moisturised and soft.

Again, you can apply this as a base coat under lipstick or on it’s own for the ultimate lip care treatment!

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